Diagonal Double Half Hitch – DDHH

This knot is a little tricky, but with just a bit of practice you should be able to get a feel for the right amount of tension and that will help you master it.  You can work this knot from either side.  Here we start on the left.  

Take the left cord (cord 1) and lay it diagonally over top of all the other cords.  Pin it in place.  This is your filler or holding cord, onto which the knots will be tied.

Take the next cord in from the left – cord 2 – and from underneath wrap it up and around.  Be sure the tail end of the cord passes over the cord shaft.  Gently snug the knot up to the top of the holding cord.
Repeat a second time with the same cord to complete the double half hitch.

This is a completed diagonal double half hitch from left to right:

Now we will work a diagonal double half-hitch from right to left.  I will just continue on with the arrangement I have going. Instructions will be the same if you are starting a new project.

Take the cord from the right and lay it diagonally over all the other cords to the left.  You can pin it in place if your like.  This is now your holding cord.  Working with the adjacent cord, wrap it up around the holding cord, making sure the tail end crosses over its shaft.

Snug it up and repeat a second time to finish the knot.

Here is the completed piece.  This is a row of DDHH knots from left to right, and then from right to left.